When it comes to choosing jewelry, it’s no secret that everyone seeks the best of the best. Whether you’re going to a formal event or a casual outing, having the right accessories that add a separate layer of style to your outfit is a must. Our favorite when it comes to choosing fine jewelry? Sterling silver. Loved for its clean lines and affordable price tags, sterling silver allows you to make a bold fashion statement without spending a fortune. Read on to check out the top 4 reasons why you should go with sterling.

1. Variety of Styles

With sterling silver comes a plethora of style options. From classic, polished pieces that will always be in style to more fashion-forward pieces that speak to current trends, fine jewelry made out of sterling silver will add a statement-worthy element to any outfit. Whether you’re going for an elegant look or a playful one, you can rest assure that anything from a pair of sterling silver earrings to a pendant-style necklace will help you achieve that style.

2. Clean Lines & Strength

High-quality sterling silver pieces have extraordinarily clean lines and no rough edges. Known for its durability and strength, sterling silver jewelry is long lasting, especially when taken care of properly. Unlike costume jewelry, which can fade and rust with time, sterling silver jewelry can easily be cleaned if it has become tarnished by simply rubbing it with some silver polish and a cloth.

3. Affordable Price Points

Anyone who’s had to turn down a beautiful piece of jewelry because of it’s hefty price tag knows how heavy of a toll this can have. Rather than burning a hole in your wallet, sterling silver jewelry makes the process of finding that Holy Grail accessory a little less daunting. With its more affordable price point, you can purchase sterling silver jewelry and still be cost-conscious.

4. Flattering for Everyone

Because it’s made out of a pure white type of silver, sterling silver jewelry flatters all skin tones, from dark to light, and everything in between.

Whether you have a traditional or contemporary style, sterling silver jewelry is your best bet when it comes to choosing the perfect accessory. Not only is it available in a wide variety of styles, but it’s easy to clean, is durable, and, of course, is more affordable than gold.