You already know that antique and vintage sterling silver jewelry is stunning; and if you’re like me–you love to collect silver jewelry and wear a different antique or vintage sterling item every day.  Each ring or necklace has a rich history and often starts a conversation about how old it might be.  We should look at our collections as investment—and take excellent care of them. (Plural is used on purpose—I have a collection of sterling rings- a collection of sterling earrings…. and you know..)  Silver jewelry is not high-maintenance, but it does require some special care that other pieces may not. Use these tips to keep your antique sterling silver necklaces, earrings and pendants looking amazing at all times.

Here are three quick tips to help with your collections:

Storage: High-quality jewelry storage is the first step in preserving your silver collection. A jewelry box that has fabric lining is a great place to keep dangly earrings or pendants. Give each piece it’s own compartment to keep them from getting scratched or lost. Shop eBay or check out consignment stores for jewelry boxes or other unique storage containers. I love finding different ways to store a collection so that my husband doesn’t even know what’s in the container.

Cleaning is an important part of jewelry care. Sterling silver jewelry needs to be cleaned more thoroughly and more often than other more expensive jewelry. Instead of creams and pastes, use a jeweler’s polishing cloth.  A few minutes with it will remove most of the tarnish.  I’m always concerned about harsh solutions or chemicals on the gemstones so antique sterling earrings or pendants are rinsed in warm, soapy water.  Make sure to dry any silver jewelry thoroughly before storing it. Since vintage and antique sterling bracelets usually have intricate designs, consider investing in a small set of cleaning brushes to make the job easier.

Wearing:  The more you wear antique and vintage sterling jewelry, the better it looks.  Since some of the antiques can be delicate, it’s better to remove them before going to the gym or working in the yard.  Also, note that chlorine can discolor some silver jewelry, so always remove it before swimming.

And since you really can’t have too many collections—please visit our store again. Drop me a note– I’d love to hear a bit of history about your favorite antique or vintage sterling jewelry item.