Why I Love Antique & Vintage Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to learn a little about MrsSterling. 

As a little girl, I loved watching my mother “put on her face” and go through her jewelry box to make sure that the earrings and necklace went with what she was wearing. This was the beginning of my love affair with fine jewelry. As teenagers, my friends and I started buying sterling silver jewelry because of the clean designs and affordable prices. Later in life, I began to appreciate antique, modernist and other vintage jewelry.

Now my most enjoyable times come from shopping antique stores, estate sales and “out of the way” locations to find unique items that I can share. Not only do I pick out the items–I try to make sure that the photographs show all of the detail that makes them unique.

Since I first fell in love with jewelry, it has been my dream to own a jewelry store that was my own. If you have already purchased an item, I cannot thank you enough for supporting my dream. 

All items in my store are quality–if I wouldn’t wear it–it doesn’t make the cut.  With rare exceptions–all items are sterling silver.  Although I am not a gemologist, every attempt is made to verify that items are as stated.

We offer a complete “No Questions Asked” refund on all items returned within 14 days. 

We have a fairly large inventory still not online-(it takes longer to list than buy)-so if you are looking for a specific item, drop me a note and I’ll list it so you can see the photos. New items are listed almost every day.

Again, thank you so much for visiting my site and supporting the MrsSterling brand. 

Happy Shopping!

~ Donna (MrsSterling)